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About Us

DiscountedLabs.com was founded by Nelson Vergel, a long time educator and health advocate, with the help of physicians that wanted to provide affordable access to blood tests for people to take charge of their health.

At DiscountedLabs.com we believe that knowledge is power and that everyone should have choices in their healthcare. Our mission is to empower people with knowledge that enhances their health and their ability to have intelligent conversations with their health care providers.

Many forward-thinking physicians and “self-quantifiers” check blood work with regularity over time. Even people with good insurance policies complain about the lack of reimbursement for any blood tests that insurance companies may deem "unnecessary" or "too frequent". So, DiscountedLabs.com removes barriers for these self-reliant consumers who are in need of monitoring the effects of treatment changes beyond what standard-of-care deems necessary.

This site not only provides some of the best prices for blood tests in the United States but also educates people about what these tests mean. Please check our education and blog pages for educational information. Our customers can also have access to our physician for guidance on their lab values and health.

We hope that DiscountedLabs.com can help people who have very restrictive or no insurance to access key information that can guide them in their search for health. Please let your friends and loved ones know about our services!