Annual Physical Lab Tests


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  1. Annual Physical Comprehensive Panel

    This lab test panel includes lab tests ordered by many physicians performing comprehensive annual physical exams. It does not include the actual phyisician physical exam, only these six tests:

    • CBC
    • CMP
    • Lipids
    • A1C
    • TSH
    • Urinalysis.


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  2. Annual Physical Lab Test Panel

    This lab test panel includes the blood tests usually selected by physicians in an annual physical exam for men and women: CBC (Complete Blood Count: Immune Cells, Red Blood Cells/Hematocrit, and Platelets), CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: Glucose, liver and kidney function, electrolyte and fluid balance), Lipids (LDL and HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides), and A1c (Glycated Hemoglobin). This panel does not include a doctor's visit, only lab tests. Low Price Guaranteed.


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