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Find lab test centers near you to order a lab test without a doctor's prescription. Discounted Labs has locations across the United States, and we are currently expanding. We offer affordable blood prices to make it easy for people to monitor their health.

Where Is the Closest Lab Testing?

You can find one of one local lab test centers in most states and we are expanding rapidly. If you live in one of the following states, you can take advantage of our discounted blood work:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.

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How Do Local Blood Work Labs Work?

Walk-ins are welcome but we suggest making an appointment for a blood test as some of our clinics see a lot of traffic. Here is how you can get started at one of our lab test centers:

  1. When scheduling an appointment, you will be asked "Who is sending you for testing?" Select "Medical Professional."
  2. When prompted with "What testing do you need? choose "All Other Tests"
  3. Answer other questions that pop up to continue.
  4. Choose from lab test centers with "Quest Diagnostics" in the name.
  5. Select the appropriate date and time for your blood work.


Local Blood Test Labs

Our lab test centers have several types of blood test panels. Choose from the following when scheduling an appointment at the closest lab center near you:

Tips for Using our Services

  • Browse for a local lab to "Find a Location."
  • Walk-ins are welcome but making an appointment might be faster for you.
  • Choose a Test and add it to your shopping car. You can save money by choosing a test bundle.
  • Go to "Lab Test Panels" to determine the blood work needed for your purposes.
  • Don't forget to add the coupon code if you have one.
  • You can conveniently pay with a credit card. Budget for an $8 processing fee.

Contact Discounted Labs if you need more information about local lab test centers to meet your needs.


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