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Find lab test centers near you to order a lab test without a doctor's visit. Discounted Labs has locations across the United States, and we are currently expanding. We offer affordable blood test prices to make it easy for people to monitor their health.

Where Is the Closest Discounted Lab Near You?

You can find one of one local lab test centers in most states and we are expanding rapidly. If you live in one of the following states, you can take advantage of our discounted blood work:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.


How to Make an Appointment for a Blood Draw at a Quest Diagnostics Lab Near You:

After placing an lab test order on Discounted Labs, print the lab request form that we email you.  Then proceed to select the lab near you as shown below.

Walk-ins are welcome but we suggest making an appointment online as some locations can have a wait time.

Here are the steps to get an appointment at the lab test centers near you after clicking the link provided below:

  1. Click on the link below and then click "Schedule Appointment"
  2. Click on "All Other Tests"
  3. Choose from lab test centers from our National Lab Company in the name. Do not use locations with names such as ARCPoint, WellCare Labs, etc (they do not work with Discounted Labs)
  4. Select the appropriate date and time for your blood work. Make sure you scroll down if you find no available appointments.
  5. Allowing text message reminders will give you the flexibility to check in from your phone as soon as you arrive at the lab.
  6. Do not give insurance information since your lab test order is self-pay and already pre-paid with Discounted Labs.
  7. You will receive an email or text confirming your appointment.






1-     Make sure we serve your state and that there is a Quest Diagnostics location near you. 

2-     Go to "Choose a Test" and add your selection (s) in the shopping cart. You can also save money by buying bundled lab test panels.

3-     If you have a discount coupon code, add it to your cart.

4-     If you don't have an account with us, you will be asked to create one by adding your name, address, gender, and date of birth.

5-     Place your order by using a credit card.

6-     You will receive three emails: an order confirmation & detailed instructions within minutes about how to download your lab requisition form to take to the lab near you.

7-     Print the lab requisition form (PDF file). 

8-     Take that form to the  lab near you with a picture ID. You can walk in but we suggest that you make an appointment to cut down on potential waiting (instructions on how to do so are in our "Find a Location" page). Get your blood drawn at the lab.  

9-    Your results will be ready within 3-7 business days (Depending on the test. Sensitive hormone tests done by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry LC/MS take 5-7 business days). You will received them by email as soon as they come in.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or email us at [email protected]

Local Blood Test Labs

Our lab test centers have several types of blood test panels. Choose from the following when scheduling an appointment at the closest lab center near you:

Contact Discounted Labs if you need more information about local lab test centers to meet your needs.