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5 Things You Need to Know About Discounted Labs

DiscountedLabs blood tests have become increasingly popular these days and for good reasons. Ordering a test through your doctor is usually a hassle and takes a lot of time. Instead, you can order a blood test online and get the results in just a few business days.

These tests save you time and even money since many of them are very inexpensive. Thanks to modern technology and advanced medical science, you can take your health into your own hands and gain valuable insight when it comes to your body and how it works.

Keep reading to learn more about direct-to-consumer discounted labs and why you should take advantage of them.

Why Order Discounted Lab Tests?

First of all, why would you bother with such tests? Why type "blood work near me" or "labs near me" on Google? The answer is simple - some tests might actually save your life. If you're experiencing certain symptoms, a quick blood test can reveal if your health is getting worse in the near future or not.

Some diseases also don't show symptoms. This is when discounted labs act as a preventative measure and they might discover an illness before it gets into its advanced stages. It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your health.

   1. You Can Choose from Hundreds of Blood Tests

The beauty of human blood is that it contains so much vital information when it comes to your health and wellbeing. A single drop of blood can reveal if you have high sugar levels, if you're hypogonadal, or if you have some sort of vitamin deficiency.

That's why medical professionals have created hundreds of tests that tell virtually everything about your body and your health. For example, some tests check your thyroid gland, others are designed to detect heart problems while others still might reveal why you're constantly fatigued.

Feel free to choose the testyou want. You can also go for lab test panelsthat look at multiple substances or hormones in your body. For example, the Metabolic or CMP Panelis a collection of tests that check the health of your kidneys and liver alongside other hormones and nutrients. 

Such panels allow you to get a broad snapshot when it comes to the health of a particular organ or body part. These tests are highly recommended if you want to save money or your particular health issues are more advanced. 

Additionally, testing for certain diseases also requires multiple blood tests. This is done to rule out other health problems and get a more accurate diagnosis. 

  2. All You Have to Do Is to Find a Lab Near You

As mentioned earlier, typing "blood work near me", "labs near me", or "blood test near me" is all you have to do when it comes to direct-to-consumer labs. Once you pick your test, the aforementioned keywords help you find the nearest compatible clinic. This is where you'll go to draw blood for analysis.

Discounted Labs works with which has over 2,000 lab locations across the entire territory of the United States, with a few minor exceptions. This allows you to travel the shortest distance to draw blood and save the most amount of time.

Ideally, you would want to set up an appointment at the lab near you to avoid waiting in the lobby. Once you're all set, you just print the form you receive by email and visit the lab location to draw blood. In some cases, you might be required to fast, but this depends on the type of test you ordered.

  3. Bypass a Doctor's Visit and the Cost and Time Associated with It

Ordering a test through your doctor can sometimes be a time-consuming process. In many cases, your doctor would ask why you want the test, especially if you're not showing symptoms. Sometimes, your doctor might refuse or charge an enormous sum of money for a common blood test.

With , you bypass all the hassle, expense, and explanations, and so on. You just order the test you want, draw blood at a nearby lab center, and get the results back to you by email. This puts you in charge of your health and helps you discover silent illnesses or ailments if any or adjust hormone and other therapies to reach optimum blood levels.

  4. Ordering Your Own Lab Tests Is Safe and Confidential

You might be happy to find out that getting the test results back is a safe and confidential procedure. Patients usually get the results emailed after 3-5 business days, depending on the type of assay technology of the test panel.

You don't have to go to a clinic for paperwork, you don't have to wait in line for hours. All your information is safe and confidential. The test results are not shared with anyone as your privacy is 100% guaranteed. 

  5. You Can Interpret the Lab Test Results Against Reference Values

Once you have the results back, you can do 2 things - either ask your doctor for assistance in interpreting the results or compare them against reference values. For simpler tests such as blood glucose or vitamin tests, it's easy to find trustworthy reference values online. You can use those to judge if you fit the normal ranges or not.

If the tests you ordered are more complex, you can always seek help from professional healthcare providers. In some cases, your doctor might ask for more tests, especially if your results don't fit normal values for various hormones or vitamins.

Once you get familiar with how direct-to-consumer lab tests work, you can routinely order new tests for preventative reasons or to check your health. This is common practice for blood glucose tests, insulin sensitivity, vitamins, thyroid hormones, and others.

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