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What Are Bodybuilder Tests?

Bodybuilder tests are specifically designed for both men and women who are using testosterone and anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). These individuals are often keen on monitoring their blood work to maximize benefits and minimize the short and long-term TRT or AAS side effects while exercising and maintaining a balanced diet for proper muscle gain, fat loss, and an overall quality of life.

These tests are essential, especially when barriers to care arise due to stigma and judgment from traditional medical practitioners. By allowing access to crucial information regarding health status without the need to visit a healthcare provider, bodybuilder tests empower individuals to take control of their fitness journey.

What Lab Tests Are Included in Bodybuilder Lab Work?

Bodybuilding is not just about muscle gain; it's also about maintaining overall health. Here are 13 carefully selected lab tests essential for those serious about their training:

  1. Hematocrit: This measures the proportion of red blood cells increased by androgens, which can enhance blood viscosity and elevate cardiovascular risks. Regular monitoring is crucial to avoid complications.

  2. Lipid Panel (LDL, HDL, triglycerides): Assessing cholesterol types is vital for cardiovascular health. Androgens can particularly decrease HDL cholesterol, which may reduce protective benefits.

  3. Cystatin C Kidney Test and eGFR Kidney Test: These ensure that kidneys are performing properly and can help detect early signs of kidney dysfunction, providing a chance for timely intervention.

  4. GGT Liver Test: Recognized as the most accurate liver test, GGT is not affected by exercise, unlike other liver tests such as AST and ALT.

  5. Total Testosterone (LC/MS), Free Testosterone (Equilibrium Ultrafiltration): The most accurate total and free testosterone test assays, providing essential insights into hormonal balance and its effects on training and recovery.

  6. Ultrasensitive Estradiol: This test provides an accurate estradiol measure unaffected by inflammatory markers like CRP, allowing for precise hormonal assessments.

  7. Prolactin: Monitoring prolactin is important as it can affect erectile function and may increase with the use of certain products, which may influence your training and lifestyle.

  8. DHT Test: Linked with improved libido, but high DHT blood levels have been associated with conditions like acne and hair loss. Regular monitoring can assist in finding the right balance.

  9. IGF-1 Test: IGF-1 is essential as it measures the anabolic action of GH and peptides, providing insights into growth and recovery processes.


At, we understand the unique needs of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Our carefully crafted bodybuilder tests provide all the essential insights to support your fitness journey, with a focus on overall wellness and optimal performance.

By making these essential lab tests easily accessible online, we break down the barriers to care and support a more proactive approach to health and fitness. You no longer need to face stigma or judgment from traditional medical practitioners; instead, you can confidently take charge of your well-being. Explore our various bodybuilder test packages today and invest in your health as you sculpt the body of your dreams.