Bodybuilder Blood Test Panel- Basic

Bodybuilder Blood Test Panel- Basic

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This panel provides smart bodybuilders with information that can help minimize potential short and long term side effects and risks. This basic bodybuilder panel includes the following tests/panels: hematocrit, CMP (glucose, liver & kidney function and others), total and free testosterone (no upper limit), ultra sensitive estradiol, & lipid cholesterol panel. Fasting is required.

This panel provides smart bodybuilders with information that can help minimize potential short and long term side effects and risks. This basic bodybuilder panel includes the following tests/panels:

Hematocrit Test: 

All androgens like testosterone and AAS can increase red blood cells and its proportion in the blood (hematocrit), which can increase blood thickness.  This panel is important since it determines when you are reaching a hematocrit of 53, the value that indicates that blood donation or therapeutic phlebotomy is needed. High hematocrit increases blood thickness which can cause high blood pressure, headaches, and cardiovascular risks.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

A CMP lab test is used to evaluate several body processes and functions, including:

  • Liver and kidney health
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood protein levels
  • Acid and base balance
  • Fluid and electrolyte balance
  • Metabolism (glucose)
  • Side effects of some medications

Fasting is required.

Testosterone, Total, LC/MS and Free (Equilibrium Ultrafiltration)

This panel includes total testosterone measured by the most accurate method (LC/MS: liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry), free testosterone percent by equilibrium ultrafiltration, and free testosterone calculated from percent free T. No upper limit, so it is adequate for men on high testosterone or AA doses. The LC/MS assay also prevents interference of anabolics and biotin on testosterone blood levels.

Estradiol , Ultra Sensitive (LC/MS) Blood Test

The commonly used estradiol test may overestimate estradiol. That test uses immunoassay technology that cannot differentiate C-Reactive Protein (involved in inflammation) from estradiol, so it reads the combination of the two as estradiol. This ultrasensitive estradiol test is based on liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS), an assay technology that does not have that limitation. Please be aware than estradiol is important in men and that treating it aggressively may get in the way of gains: High and Low Estradiol in Men

Cystatin C with EGFR Kidney Test

Cystatin C is a more accurate way to determine kidney function in people with higher muscle mass since using creatinine as the main variable can be affected by not only higher muscle mass but also protein intake and creatine supplementation. Another one of the measures of kidney function is the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR). Glomerular filtration rate describes the flow rate of filtered fluid through the kidney. Creatinine clearance rate (CCr or CrCl) is the volume of blood plasma that is cleared of creatinine per unit time and is a useful measure for approximating the GFR. eGFR under 60 may indicate issues that are affecting kidney function.

Lipid Test Panel

This panel includes LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol), and triglycerides (fatty acids dissolved in the blood).  Higher dose T and AAS can increase LDL, and decrease HDL and triglycerides. Severely decreased HDL may cause cardiovascular issues in the long term. Fasting is required.


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