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  1. TRT MALE Hormone/Wellness Follow Up Panel

    This popular and cost-effective panel includes main blood test variables monitored by many clinics that treat men with low testosterone. This panel is for men who are already on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and who want to monitor their main blood tests. You save substantial amounts of money by ordering these tests together rather than one at a time. The panel includes: Total and free testosterone (LC/MS assay. No upper limit restriction), Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), Estradiol (sensitive- LC/MS assay), CBC (includes glucose, hematocrit and immune cells), CMP (includes liver and kidney function, eGFR), Lipids (LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides) You can add PSA, DHEA-S, DHT and free T4 and free T3 from our menu for a fuller view at your response to TRT.

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  2. Testosterone, Thyroid and Estradiol Panel

    Ordering these 5 hormone tests as a panel saves you over $20 when comparing it to buying tests separately.

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  3. Testosterone + LH + FSH Panel

    This panel includes: Total and Free Testosterone (LC/MS), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) at substantial savings that buying each test separately.

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  4. Pre- TRT MALE Hormone / Wellness Panel

    As low as $262.50

    This hormone panel can be used to diagnose primary or secondary hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency), prostate health prior to initiating testosterone replacement therapy. It also includes information about cholesterol, hematocrit (red blood cell volume), liver, and kidney function. Fasting is required for CMP.

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  5. Testosterone (T+F), Hematocrit, Ultra Sensitive Estradiol and Prolactin Panel

    This discounted lab test panel for men includes total testosterone by liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (the most accurate testosterone test), free testosterone, hematocrit, ultrasensitive estradiol test and prolactin hormone. 

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  6. Testosterone, Free (Dialysis) and Total, MS

    THIS IS THE MOST AFFORDABLE TESTOSTERONE TEST IN THE U.S. This panel includes total testosterone measured by the most accurate method  and gold standard test (liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry), free testosterone percent by equilibrium dialysis, and free testosterone calculated from percent free T. This test is good more accurate for low and high testosterone blood levels (men who expect high testosterone blood levels over 1,500 ng/dL , women and children who usually have low T levels). It has no interferences with supplements or anabolics. Note: Results may take 5-7 business days. For a faster turnaround, choose this test instead: Testosterone, Free, Bioavailable and Total (With Lower & Upper Limit) plus SHBG


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  7. Testosterone, Total ( LC/MS), Free T (Equilibrium Dialysis), Bioavailable T, and SHBG

    This Testosterone Panel Includes 5 Tests:

    • Testosterone, Total, LC/MS (most accurate testosterone test for men with high testosterone and women, no upper or lower limit)
    • Testosterone, Free. Free testosterone is best calculated based on the LC/MS/MS-derived total testosterone and equilibrium dialysis-derived percent free levels. 
    • Testosterone, Bioavailable. Biovailable testosterone is calculated based on the LC/MS/MS-derived total testosterone, equilibrium dialysis-derived percent free testosterone levels, albumin and SHBG.
    • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)
    • Albumin



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  8. TRT Basic Monitoring Panel

    This TRT basic lab test panel includes essential tests (CBC, CMP, ultrasensitive estradiol, and total & free testosterone) to monitor treatment in men on that have been testosterone replacement therapy for a few months. Test included:

    • CBC (White and red blood cells, hematocrit, etc)
    • CMP (glucose, liver & kidney function, etc)
    • Estradiol Ultra Sensitive
    • Total Testosterone (LC/MS)
    • Free Testosterone (Equilibrium Ultrafiltration

    Fasting is required for proper glucose testing as part of CMP.

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  9. Testosterone, SHBG, Hematocrit, Sensitive Estradiol and PSA

    This economical lab test panel includes: Testosterone, Free, Bioavailable and Total, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin -SHBG, Males, Immunoassay (Total Testosterone Lower Limit: 250 ng/dL & Upper Limit 1,500 ng/dL ), Complete Blood Count (CBC panel) Including hematocrit, PSA and Ultrasensitive Estradiol

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  10. Hormone Panel for Men on TRT- Upstream & Downstream

    This hormone panel for men on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) contains upstream and downstream hormones to testosterone.  TRT has been shown to decrease upstream hormones like pregnenolone and progesterone, and slightly decrease DHEA. Downstream hormone metabolites like ultrasensitive estradiol and DHT are also included.  Lastly, prolactin is added since high prolactin can decrease sexual function.  No LH and FSH were included since TRT shuts them down.

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  11. Testosterone (Total + Free), Ultrasensitive Estradiol & Hematocrit

    The most economical lab test panel with 4 tests for men on TRT:

    1. Total Testosterone, Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry
    2. Free Testosterone, Equilibrium Dialysis
    3. Ultrasensitive Estradiol, Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry
    4. Hematocrit
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  12. Hematocrit HCT Blood Test

    The volume measurement, or hct blood test, is the proportion of blood that the red blood cells take up. Hemoglobin, on the other hand, is a density or concentration measurement and is expressed in grams per liter or deciliter. (Hemoglobin is, if you will recall from your high school biology, the iron-based protein that transports oxygen.) RBC is a simple count and is usually expressed as the number of million red blood cells that you have per microliter. Usually, hematocrit is three times the amount of hemoglobin.

    Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increases hematocrit in most men.  Read more about how to decrease hematocrit.

    NOTE: Hematocrit is also part of the CBC panel, so there is no need to order separately if your order already includes CBC.

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  13. Estradiol Ultra Sensitive (LC/MS) and Testosterone, Free (Dialysis) and Total, MS

    This panel includes the two gold standard tests for estradiol and testosterone (Total and Free) that use liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry for best accuracy and no interactions.

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Understanding TRT Tests: Your Gateway to Optimal Testosterone Levels

In the realm of men's health, testosterone levels play a pivotal role in maintaining a gamut of physiological processes. From fostering sexual health to ensuring muscle mass, the significance of this hormone is undebatable. However, like all good things, the levels of testosterone also face a decline with the ascent of age, often leading to conditions like hypogonadism. This is where Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and its allied tests step in to restore the hormonal balance. In this article, we'll delve into TRT tests and how a testosterone test can be a linchpin in ascertaining your hormonal health.

What are TRT Tests?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Tests are a suite of tests performed to gauge the testosterone levels in the body. They are quintessential for individuals who are on TRT to ensure that the hormone levels are in the desired range and the therapy is yielding the anticipated results. TRT Tests can comprise a single testosterone test or a battery of tests evaluating other relevant hormones and parameters.

Why is a Testosterone Test Important?

A testosterone test is a cornerstone in diagnosing and managing conditions like hypogonadism. It measures the quantum of testosterone, thereby aiding in understanding whether the levels are normal, low, or high. This test is a precursor to TRT, ensuring that the therapy is indeed needed, and also plays a crucial role during the therapy to monitor its effectiveness.

Who Should Consider TRT Tests?

Men who experience symptoms such as fatigue, low libido, muscle mass depletion, or other symptoms associated with low testosterone should consider undergoing TRT tests. It’s also advisable for men aged 30 and above to have their testosterone levels checked periodically as a proactive measure against potential hormonal imbalances.

What Does a Testosterone Test Entail?

A testosterone test is a simple blood test that can be conducted in a clinical setting. The blood sample is analyzed for total testosterone, which encompasses both free and bound testosterone. The results are then compared against standard reference ranges to ascertain whether the testosterone levels are normal, low, or high.

Preparing for Your Testosterone Test

Before heading in for a testosterone test, it's important to discuss with your healthcare provider any medications or supplements you're taking as they may influence the test results.

The Process of TRT

Once the need for TRT is established through a testosterone test, a personalized treatment plan is devised. The treatment could be administered through injections, gels, patches, or pellets. Regular TRT tests are conducted thereafter to monitor the hormone levels and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.

The Takeaway

TRT tests, spearheaded by a testosterone test, are instrumental in not only diagnosing testosterone deficiency but also in monitoring the efficacy of the therapy. They act as a compass, guiding the treatment plan in the right direction to ensure that the desired hormonal balance is achieved.

Your hormonal health is a linchpin in ensuring a good quality of life. Therefore, understanding and monitoring your testosterone levels through TRT tests is imperative. At, we offer a variety of TRT tests to cater to your needs.