Testosterone, Hematocrit, Estradiol and Prolactin Panel

Testosterone, Hematocrit, Estradiol and Prolactin Panel

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A basic panel offered at a lower cost than the full ED Panel for checking hormones related to erectile dysfunction and testosterone replacement therapy.

This panel saves you money by bundling these tests:

Total and Free Testosterone (For expected total testosterone blood levels under 1500 ng/dL) by Equilibrium Analysis.

Hematocrit is the portion of total blood volume made up of red blood cells. Testosterone replacement therapy can increase hematocrit. Hematocrit over 52 may increase blood thickness and cardiovascular risks.

Estradiol is produced by the body via the aromatization of testosterone in fat tissue, liver, and testicles. Estradiol is involved in bone health, cognitive function, sex drive, and body composition in both men and women. Depending on lifestyle factors, liver Issues, medications, body fat mass, and genetics, some people may have higher estradiol conversions from testosterone. The use of a sensitive, LC/MS assay for serum E2 measurement in males is preferred over direct immunoassays because of its greater sensitivity and lesser interference by other steroids. In males, estradiol is present at low concentrations in blood, but it is extraordinarily high in semen.  Estradiol plays an important function in sperm maturation and is essential for normal spermatogenesis and sperm motility. It is also essential for healthy bone density, body composition, lipids, and brain function. However, E2 excess in the presence of low testosterone and genetic factors can cause gynecomastia in some men.

Prolactin is secreted by the pituitary gland. There are two major functions of prolactin: to induce milk production and to develop nerve cells. Higher levels of prolactin have been associated with tumors involving the lungs, the pituitary gland, and the kidneys. A prolactin test is sometimes used by doctors to evaluate sexual dysfunction of unknown cause in both men and women. Drugs, supplements and certain diseases like pituitary adenomas may disrupt normal prolactin blood levels. These include hypothyroidism, antiepileptics, antidepressants, estrogen, opiates, diuretics, certain growth hormone-releasing peptides and arginine.

NOTE: If you are taking biotin, please stop it 72 hours before the blood draw since it may interfere with hormone blood tests.

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