What Do They Mean?

As patient self-education grows with access to information online, more people are taking charge of their health by buying their own blood tests that they can access online without visiting a doctor. Large blood testing networks located all over the United States make it easy for empowered and educated patients to find a lab location near them where they can have their blood drawn or provide a urine or saliva sample. Discounted Labs makes it easy for those consumers to buy and interpret their blood test results so that they can have more educated discussions with their physicians.

After people buy their own blood tests and received their results, it is sometimes difficult to make sense of what high or low blood test values mean when compared with the “normal” ranges provided by blood testing companies. Searching on the Internet may only give people a limited explanation of the health consequences of these high or low blood test values. We will attempt to include the most common blood tests, their ranges and meaning of high or low values in the following article to save people time in their search for next steps. 

Note: Consult your health care provider to get explanations about your blood test results and how he or she uses them to diagnose and treat your condition. The information below is not meant to provide medical advice or guide any treatment decisions and it is only intended as an educational tool to enable you to have an educated discussion with your health care provider.