• How is DiscountedLabs.com different from any other lab test companies in the market? What states do you serve ?

    DiscountedLabs.com was founded by frustrated self-reliant health advocates that needed more economical access to lab tests.

    At DiscountedLabs.com we provide you with a doctor's prescription for your blood tests (every order is reviewed by a clinician). 

    We pride ourselves to have the best prices available in most U.S. states (Except NY, NJ, MA, VT, HI, NH, ME and RI). We are also committed to educating people about what blood tests mean via our blog and education pages. We also keep our blood test menu concise and simple so that you can find what you need faster. To make it easy for you, we have also created common blood test panels ordered by physicians for different conditions.

  • Will you take and file my insurance?

    Unfortunately, we cannot take insurance. This allows us to keep the lowest prices possible. We do not provide information for insurance processing.

  • How much will tests cost?

    Test costs vary, depending on what tests you order. You can see an example of pricing on some frequently ordered tests and profiles here

  • Do I need an appointment for my blood draw?

    No. You are not required to make an appointment at any of the lab locations. But some locations are busier than others.  If you wish, you can make an appointment by visiting: Find a Location

  • Will anyone else know my results?

    No, your results will remain completely confidential. 

  • What lab tests can I order?

    To keep costs and complexities down, we only sale the lab tests listed on our "Choose a Test" page.

  • Do I need to be fasting for my tests?

    Sometimes. Fasting is usually recommended for common tests like glucose and lipid profiles. Some physicians prefer that testosterone testing is done before breakfast since food may temporarily decrease the blood level of testosterone.

  • Do you offer hormone saliva tests?

    The only saliva-based test is cortisol. Others have not been proven to be reliable.

  • If I want to order several lab tests but plan to use them in separate days, can you send me separate lab request forms for each lab test in my order?

    If you are planning to order tests that you will use on different days or weeks apart, please place a separate order for each.

  • Can I use your services in NY state, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire?

    Recent state regulations have made it impossible for us to serve customers in those states.  Contact your legislators to complain about laws that take choices away from you. Some customers cross borders to access services.

    Hawaii, Maine, and Vermont do not have lab locations.

  • I live in Canada and I understand that you only serve the U.S., but will be visiting Illinois in the next few weeks. Can I get my blood tested there?

    Yes. If the blood draw occurs in any of the states we serve there is no problem. Just let us know when you place your order that this is what you are planning to do.

  • If I add multiple tests to my cart, how will it work? Do all the tests take place at once, or do I have to take one by one?

    If you order more than one blood test, only one blood draw is required.

  • I suspect my total testosterone (TT) blood level is above 1500 ng/dL and I want to know the actual value. Some companies report TT levels as "greater than 1500 ng/dL". Which testosterone test should I order to know the actual value? I see that you offer

    The Testosterone Free and Total LC/MS-MS  test provide two measurements for Testosterone levels. Results for this test will include Free Testosterone and Total Testosterone measured by liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS-MS). 

    This test is more sensitive than the one done by immunoassay and provides a more accurate measurement when total testosterone concentrations are very low (under 150 ng/dL, adequate for T testing in women) or very high (over 1500 ng/dL).

    NOTE: For the regular and more economical Total and Free Testosterone immunoassay test click here.

  • When I log in my lab account, it says my results are ready but I have not received them.

    Sometimes blood test results are partially ready (only a few of your tests). Unless you specifically requested to receive partial results when placing your order, we wait until your entire order lab test results are ready to send them in one single email.

  • I am a man with low testosterone that just received my blood test results from you. What is a good resource to educate myself?

    We believe that ExcelMale.com is one of the best and most moderated men's health forums online.  We suggest checking them out and register to ask questions there.  They have over 37,000 members including some well-known physicians. They also review clinics, compounding pharmacies, products, and services related to health.

  • I am a physician and interested in saving my patients money on blood tests. Can I work with DiscountedLabs as a physician?

    Email us at info@discountedlabs.com to ask us about our physician lab network.

  • Can I buy more than one of the same test to use each a few weeks apart?

    Yes, but you must place separate orders. Please remember that orders are good for 90 days, so use them before then.

  • Are there any factors that can interfere with my blood tests?

    If you are taking Biotin, please stop it 72 hours before your blood draw. Biotin may interfere with hormone tests.

  • I placed and order but realized I did not use the discount code I have?

    If you notify us within 24 hours from your order time, we can refund you the amount that is represented by the code you have. We do not retroactively apply or change codes after 24 hours.