Nelson Vergel

Nelson Vergel

Nelson Vergel is a chemical engineer who started his search for cutting-edge health knowledge when he was diagnosed with HIV over 30 years ago. Instead of giving into the hopelessness of the deadly diagnosis, he pushed himself to explore therapies to combat wasting syndrome to save his life and those of his peers. He reviewed medical literature and attended numerous health conferences, eventually becoming an advocate member in the National Health Institute (NIH), pharmaceutical research committees, and FDA review panels. To spread survival knowledge, he has given health-related lectures, providing over 700 of them since 1987. Nelson has created popular health forums with over 55,000 members, a health podcast , numerous videos, and has networked with many progressive clinicians. He has been a speaker for 14 pharmaceutical companies on hormones, side effect management, and healthy aging. Among his publications, he is the author of “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide” and co-author of the book “Built to Survive”; the founder of the nonprofit organizations Body Positive Wellness Clinic and Program for Wellness Restoration in Houston; and the aging expert at, one of his latest projects, is quickly becoming a leader among information exchange platforms for men’s health. To remove barriers for self-monitoring, Nelson created to provide low-cost blood tests to people in most of the United States.

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