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  1. Chronic Inflammation Blood Tests

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    By Nick Gold Table of contents 1. What is inflammation? 2. How does inflammation happen? 3. Ac
  2. COVID-19 Infection in Men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

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    COVID-19 has demonstrated that men tend to get it more than women. This has suggested to researchers
  3. Homocysteine Blood Test - Symptoms, Complications, and Treatment

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    The human body requires no less than 20 amino acids to function properly. As you probably already kn
  4. C-Reactive Protein (Cardiac) (cCRP) Test - What It Is and Why You Need it?

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    Thanks to advancements in medicine and technology, nowadays it's possible to test the levels of almo
  5. Body Aches? Get a CPK Blood Test

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    What is the CPK test?   CPK (or CK) is creatine phosphokinase, an enzyme found mainly in the
  6. Factors that Can Affect the Accuracy of Your Blood Test Results

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    According to the World Health Organization, chronic diseases kill millions of people each year. Dia