Thanks to advancements in medicine and technology, nowadays it's possible to test the levels of almost any type of substance, hormone or nutrient in the body using a single blood sample. This is the case for cardiac C-reactive protein as well. This type of test can determine the likelihood of developing heart disease in the future.

But what exactly is cCRP or cardiac C-reactive protein? And how is it measured? This article provides answers to all these questions, so keep reading to find out more.

What is C-Reactive Protein?

C-reactive protein is a type of substance produced by your liver. This protein is produced in response to inflammation in the body. When high levels of inflammation are detected, the liver makes more C-reactive protein to counter its effects. The more inflammation there is in a human body, the more C-reactive protein is produced.

Doctors call this substance a biomarker. By measuring this biomarker, you can tell whether a person has a very inflamed body or not. Inflammation can be triggered by different types of diseases or as a result of doing high-intensity physical exercises.

What is Cardiac C-Reactive Protein?

It's important to note that C-reactive protein alone tells you that there's inflammation in the body, but it doesn't tell you where. You need a more sensitive and accurate test for that. This is where cardiac C-reactive protein comes into play. It's also known as high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and it's a biomarker for heart disease.

Cardiac C-reactive protein is used to indicate a person's predisposition to cardiovascular disease. Other tests are performed in conjunction with a cCRP test to determine if a person is at high risk for heart disease. If the levels of the cCRP are high, you might develop cardiovascular disease in the future.

How is the cCRP Test Performed?

Before taking the cCRP test, a general health assessment is usually performed. For example, your doctor might take your blood pressure, measure your cholesterol level, and ask you about your lifestyle choices and habits. Based on this assessment, your doctor might order a cCRP test to determine the levels of high-sensitivity C-reactive protein in your blood.

Generally speaking, the cardiac C-reactive protein test is recommended to people who have an up to 10% chance of developing a heart attack in the next 10 years. If you're healthy, this test might not mean anything to you. However, you can still order your own cCRP test online from DiscountedLabs and measure the levels of cCRP in your blood on your own.

Once you have the test, you need to draw a blood sample for analysis. This sample is tested in a certified lab and the results are mailed back to you in a few business days. Based on the results, you might be required to take more tests and eventually make lifestyle changes to prevent cardiovascular disease in the future.

What Are the Normal Levels Of cCRP In the Blood?

The levels of cCRP in the blood are important because they can accurately predict cardiovascular disease in most individuals. Here are some basic values for your reference:

  • Levels lower than 1mg /L indicate a low risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Levels between 1mg/L and 3mg/L indicate a moderate risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Levels higher than 3mg/L indicate a higher risk of cardiovascular disease

Your doctor will help you interpret your results. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn't panic if your levels are higher than 3mg/L because it's possible to lower your risk of heart disease in the future by making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Quitting smoking is one of the best positive changes you can do, for example. You might also want to start exercising more often and clean out your diet. This might involve eliminating most junk food that you are probably eating as well as processed sugar and refined carbs. These lifestyle changes are done gradually to help you keep your blood pressure in check, improve your cholesterol levels, and reduce inflammation in the body.

At the same time, this test is useful for people who already had a heart attack in the past. The results will indicate if the person in question is at risk of having another heart attack in the upcoming years. Having multiple heart attacks can be fatal in some cases, so this test is very important for these individuals.

Order Your CRP Test Today

Luckily, you don't need a doctor's appointment to get your own cCRP test. You can order it from DiscountedLabs at an affordable price and compare your results with the reference values mentioned above. Make sure that you also check with your doctor for more details, especially if the results worry you.

Also, do not hesitate to check out the basic C-reactive protein test to learn more about its purpose, what it represents, and how it can help you in the future.