is an online service that provides affordable and reliable lab tests without the need for a doctor's visit. The company has been in operation for 8 years and offers its services nationwide, with a wide range of medical testing options to suit various needs . They are in partnership with large laboratory networks, allowing customers to choose from a large selection of tests that enable them to monitor their general well-being without an initial doctor's visit. believes that knowledge is power and aims to empower educated patients to take charge of their health and effectively discuss health issues with their physicians. Many people find the prices offered by to be lower than their insurance co-pays for lab tests.

The company allows customers to order lab tests online without requiring a doctor's prescription, as they provide the necessary prescription . Discounted Labs is also HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patients' lab results and private medical information are secured and protected. By using, customers can save up to 80% on lab tests compared to retail prices, in addition to the savings from skipping doctor visits .


Save Money And Time By Ordering The Most Affordable Blood Tests Online!


Did you know that you can order blood tests online, without having to visit a doctor?

The direct-to-consumer lab testing industry is expanding each year at a rapid pace.

Back in 2010, this industry was worth approximately $15 million, but today it increased to over $130 million!

This is a good thing because people finally understand that they can take their health in their own hands and order lab tests on the internet in a much more affordable way.

Welcome to, the premier destination for affordable and accessible lab tests without a doctor’s order in most cities across the United States. We are committed to empowering our customers with knowledge about their health through affordable blood testing. Our prices are competitive, and we invite you to compare them with other lab test companies. You'll appreciate that we are not like the rest.

We believe that knowledge is power, and an educated patient can take charge of their health and discuss health issues more effectively with their physicians. At, we strive to provide our customers with the most affordable lab tests available. Many of our customers have found our prices to be lower than their insurance co-pays for lab tests. Since we do not require a doctor’s visit, you can save money on physician visit copays.

Our online blood tests are a convenient and affordable way for you to take charge of your health. Some insurance companies may not cover certain blood tests or the required frequency for proper monitoring, which is where comes in. We offer affordable online blood tests so that you can take charge of your health without breaking the bank.


How to save time and money with online lab testing

Getting a blood test through the current managed care medical system is unnecessarily difficult these days.

Most people end up having long discussions with their healthcare providers who might think that the tests are unnecessary. Even if doctors prescribe certain blood tests, some insurance companies may not approve them and later send patients large bills. Also, some insurance companies may be willing to pay for only a certain frequency of blood testing, which may not be adequate for patients who are adjusting medication doses.

Getting blood tests using your current medical subscription can also become problematic and hugely expensive, in comparison with ordering blood tests online.

To buy blood tests without insurance, all that you have to do is to find a reliable lab tests store such as DiscountedLabs.

DiscountedLabs provides more than 50 different types of blood tests and panels, and partners with one of the largest labs in the United States, having more than 1,800 lab centers across the country.

Many people find this process to be much easier, eliminating the need to get blood tests through a doctor and having to pay copays or even a full doctor visit price.

DiscountedLabs sells the most affordable blood tests in the United States and delivers the results to your email in as little as 5-7 business days.


How to order blood tests online

Anything can be ordered online nowadays, so why shouldn’t you get your blood tests and skip the hassle usually associated with a doctor’s visit?

Here’s what you have to do to order blood tests online.

1. Go to and click on the Find a Location tab to see if there is a lab near by you. Note: Due to certain state legislation, DiscountedLabs does not serve the states of NY, NJ, and RI.

2. Go to Choose a Test to order your blood tests and pick your needed one from the list. There are multiple tests out there such as the Elite Male Blood Test or the Complete Blood Count test.

3. Add your selected blood test to the cart

4. Pay by credit card . The transaction is completely safe and confidential

5. You’ll receive two emails from DiscountedLabs with information about your order

The first email is a summary of your order. The second email contains a lab requisition form which will be sent to LabCorp on your behalf. It takes less than 24 hours to receive a response from the lab.

In most cases, people are receiving a third email in as little as 3 hours with a confirmation of their requisition form.

This means that you can print the form and head directly to the nearest lab center to get your blood drawn.

You don’t need insurance or any other document, just a photo ID so that the lab techs can identify you.

Once you draw blood, the results will be mailed to you in as little as 4-5 business days, depending on the blood test.


Learn the benefits of ordering your blood tests

There are numerous advantages to skipping the middleman and ordering your blood tests directly. For example:

1. Save a substantial amount of time

2. Save a great deal of money – many online blood tests are less expensive than if you would ask your doctor to get blood tests for you

3. Enjoy a quick, secure and confidential experience

4. Order from most US states

5. Have your results mailed to you

6. You can optimize your medication dosages without having to wait for weeks to see a doctor.

7. Most importantly – take matters in your own hands when it comes to your health!


Why choose DiscountedLabs?

There are numerous online stores out there which offer blood tests and other types of tests, but DiscountedLabs is a popular choice among consumers for a wide variety of reasons.

1. DiscountedLabs provides the most affordable blood tests in the United States

2. There are several blood tests and panels you can choose from and up to 56 different lab tests such as heart tests, hormone tests, vitamin tests, heavy metal tests, etc

3. There are more than 1,800 lab locations across the US where you can go to draw blood for the tests you order on DiscountedLabs, so you won't travel very far from home regardless of the state you live in

4. You get a 10% discount on your first order with coupon 10percentoff

5. Your order is available for up to 90 days, so you don’t need to rush when it comes to drawing blood

6. You get stellar customer service and support which will help you if you need assistance along the way

7. You can save money by ordering several tests bundled in panels (men’s panel, women’s panel, etc.)

8. No need for physician appointment or approval to order blood tests or other types of tests

9. You get your results online via email – no need to go back for another visit or wait at queues

10. Each order on DiscountedLabs offers you reward points you can use for a future purchase, saving you money


FAQs related to online blood tests and lab tests

The online lab tests industry strives to provide a great service to their clients and help them learn about their health in an easier, faster and more affordable way.

It is normal to have questions when ordering blood tests online, that’s why the following section aims to answer some of the questions you might have.


Can I draw blood at home?

No, patients are required to visit a lab to draw blood in the presence of a medical professional.

It is much safer and easier to draw blood in a medical setting, and the process is quick and painless.

Some companies sell finger prick t and saliva test kits that they send to your home but those tests are not as accurate as actual blood tests.


Are online blood tests expensive?

No. in fact, they are offered at competitive prices, in comparison with getting yourself tested through your physician.

Online blood tests are much more affordable simply because there’s no middleman involved (the doctor). You simply order these tests from a certified provider, have your blood sent to a lab and got your results back quickly.

It is important to know that you can also get blood tests without insurance, so everyone can benefit from minimal healthcare by using direct-to-consumer lab tests.

As a word of caution, ordering blood tests online can be done for informative purposes. This service is ideal for getting a broad overview of your health.

If you have serious symptoms or health problems, make sure that you speak with your physician and don’t try to diagnose yourself through online tests.


What should I do after I get the results?

Once the results are communicated to you via email, you can compare the numbers against reference values you can find online.

For example, optimal total cholesterol levels for healthy adults should be less than 200mg/dL. If you have higher than that but lower than 239mg/dL, then this is a warning sign.

If cholesterol levels are higher than 240mg/dL, then you might need to speak with your physician and adjust your diet and lifestyle to lower your cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Similarly, if your fasting glucose levels are between 80 and 100 mg/dL, then your blood sugar is normal.

If you have a fasting glucose level higher than 100mg/dL but lower than 125mg/dL, then you might have impaired glucose tolerance.

If your fasting glucose level is 126mg/dL or higher, then you are diabetic.

Based on reference values like this, you can interpret your results and make appropriate lifestyle adjustments such as exercising more, eliminating junk food from your diet, etc.

It is also very important to not diagnose yourself but speak with your physician to find out more about your health based on your blood test results.

Most importantly, you are not alone once you get the results and you should immediately ask for guidance from medical professionals.


What should I know before drawing blood?

There are a few vital requirements you have to remember before drawing blood.

For example, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything else than water for 9-12 hours before drawing blood. This will put your body in a fasting state which is ideal for determining baseline hormonal, sugar and vitamin levels.

Depending on the test you ordered, sometimes you might be required to stop biotin supplementation for 72 hours before drawing blood.

Each blood test might have certain instructions to follow, and these will be communicated to you when you order the test.

It is very important to follow these requirements before going to the lab to draw blood because they significantly influence the accuracy of the results.


Are my lab test results confidential?

It is normal to be concerned about privacy when it comes to your health. That’s why DiscountedLabs goes the extra mile to protect your sensitive data as well as your blood test results.

DiscountedLabs follows privacy and HIPAA policies which guarantee that your information will be safe, confidential and not shared with anyone unless you authorize this.

DiscountedLabs serves all US, expect a few states such as New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.


What to do next?

The next step is to order your blood tests and learn more about your health. Visit DiscountedLabs, choose your favorite test, and you’ll save lots of time and money in the process!