1. December 13, 2017

    Does Your Body Make Enough Glutathione?

    The Glutathione Blood Test: The glutathione blood test still isn’t a standard testing procedure like tests for checking your blood sugar or cholesterol. But, the role of glutathione in both health and disease has been extensively…
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  2. December 12, 2017

    Measure Your Fertility: Basic Semen Analysis

    PLEASE LOOK AT LAB LOCATION LIST AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE. Basic semen analysis is also known as a sperm count test. A semen analysis measures the viability and health of male sperm. Semen is the bodily fluid that contains sperm (and…
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  3. December 09, 2017

    The Importance of Total and Free PSA Testing

    The Importance of PSA Testing The Prostate-specific antigen or PSA test is a blood test that can be used as a measurement of prostate health. According to a March 2009 European study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (1),…
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  4. December 09, 2017

    Is Cystatin C Better than Creatinine to Assess Kidney Function in Muscular Men?

    The Cystatin C Blood Test The cystatin C blood test is used to monitor kidney function in people experiencing or suspected to have, kidney disease (
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  5. October 01, 2017

    Biotin May Interfere With Hormone Blood Tests

    Biotin supplements taken at common over-the-counter doses can interfere with the results of certain hormone assays, giving falsely high or low results that could lead to a misdiagnosis, researchers reported. Biotin supplements, at very large…
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  6. September 12, 2017

    Parathyroid (PTH) Hormone Blood Test and Roles

      Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is secreted by the parathyroid gland which happens to be four little glands situated at the posterior surface of the thyroid gland. PTH is regulated by phosphate and calcium levels in the blood & acts…
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  7. August 28, 2017

    Inflammation: Blood Tests May Help Determine Causes

    Not inherently good or bad, Inflammation is the process recruiting immune cells to tissues in the body for immunity, repair and cell defense. Excessive levels can cause joint pain, inflammatory bowel disease, increased risk of several illnesses,…
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  8. August 22, 2017

    Having Body Aches? You May Want to Know Your CPK

    CPK (or CK) is creatine phosphokinase, an enzyme found mainly in the heart, brain, and skeletal muscle. It is tested by taking a blood sample. High CPK can indicate muscle destruction, heart attacks, central nervous system issues,…
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  9. August 15, 2017

    IGF-1: Roles and Potential Benefits

    By David Skutt IGF-1, What is it? IGF-1 is a hormone produced in our body that is structurally very similar to insulin. It has an important role in growth during childhood and in adulthood, continues…
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  10. July 25, 2017

    The Role of Estradiol in Males: Implications for Libido and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

    Mario P. Trucillo, PhD Historically, when we think of sex hormones in men and women, we identify testosterone as the core regulator of orderly male growth and sexual function. In a similar fashion, we identify estrogens central to…
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