Testosterone replacement therapy- Target Blood Test Limits:

These values have been collected from three TRT guidelines and clinical practices around the United States:

Hematocrit (percent of red blood cells in plasma) under 53

PSA (Prostatic specific antigen) under 3 (4 is max since doctors will not prescribe TRT at this number)

Estradiol (sensitive) between 20-50 pg/mL

Blood pressure under 135/85

Estimated Glomerular (eGFR) (kidney function) over 60

Liver enzymes not elevated over 20 percent of top value of reference range

Total Testosterone over 450 ng/dL

Free Testosterone equal or above 2 percent of total

If donating blood to bring hematocrit down, ferritin should never under 30 ng/mL or micrograms/liter (this could lead to fatigue)

Free T3 (if hypothyroid and on treatment) in the upper quartile of range. (depending on range it can be 3.7- 4.2 pg/mL)

HDL over 40 mg/dL (higher TRT doses can lead to decreased HDL cholesterol)

You can order these lab tests here:

TRT Male Hormone/Wellness Follow-Up Panel


Lipid Panel

Thyroid Panel (TSH, free T3 and free T4)