Here are Some Important Things That Your Doctor May Fail to Tell You Before You Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT):



1- TRT decreases your sperm count.

  • Some doctor prescribe Clomiphene alone or hCG with TRT to preserve your fertility

2- TRT may increase your blood viscosity due to increased hematocrit, the amount of red blood cells in the blood.

  • Some doctors may want to stop your TRT when this happens, but this side effect can be managed easily with blood donations or therapeutic phlebotomy.


  • Just be careful: frequent blood donations can deplete iron and cause fatigue.

3- TRT shuts down your own testosterone production.

  • It may take up to 6 months for your testosterone to return to baseline after you stop.

4- TRT works to improve your sex drive, muscle mass, and burn fat.

  • But it does not work for everyone and dose/frequency are important along with other factors like side effect management.


  • TRT is not a magic bullet.

5- Testosterone can be injected under the skin (Most doctors think you should inject deeply into muscle)


6- Testosterone gels and creams are effective but some doctors do not adjust the dose based on your blood level and symptoms.


7- Many doctors still prescribe testosterone injections at 200 mg every two weeks.

  • Many are moving towards recommending 100 mg/week or 50 mg twice per week with an insulin syringe.

8- TRT can worsen sleep apnea.

  • Apnea can improve with weight loss and can be treated with a CPAP machine.

9- TRT improves erectile function in some men but not all.

  • It improves libido in most men regardless of age, though.

10- You can monitor your own blood tests via companies that sell discounted labs without a doctor visit.


11- You can access a testosterone doctor via telemedicine if you don’t have one close by.

  • However, most of them do not take insurance.

12- TRT does not cause prostate cancer or heart attacks.

  • Cardiovascular outcomes depend on proper monitoring of hematocrit, HDL, and blood pressure.

13- Many men do not know that they ask questions to TRT-experienced men by visiting the ExcelMale forum.


14- In follow up visits, some doctors only measure blood levels of total testosterone but forget to include free testosterone, DHT (metabolite), and thyroid function tests.


15- Most insurance companies only pay for certain TRT products but not others.

  • And most refuse to pay if your testosterone is over 350 ng/dL.

16- You can buy affordable TRT options with a prescription at compounding pharmacies like Empower Pharmacy.


17- Urologists are quickly becoming the most knowledgeable doctors of TRT management.


18- Some men fail to achieve benefits from TRT. Comorbidities and other issues can be to blame.

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