If you think you may be a suitable candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, but you're having trouble finding a doctor willing to prescribe it, then you need to read this article.

Declining hormones is something everyone will experience as a consequence of aging. For most men, a drop in testosterone known as andropause, won't produce noticeable symptoms until they reach 40 years old. The symptoms of low testosterone can be different in each person and can include, feeling tired more often than not, finding it difficult to burn body fat and build muscle, a loss of interest in sexual activity, having trouble concentrating at work, and finally, poor quality sleep that leaves you feeling unrested.

Finding a knowledgeable TRT doctor skilled in prescribing testosterone replacement therapy can be worth its weight in gold because they can personalize a protocol that can help you to manage the symptoms of hormonal decline for a better overall quality of life. Unfortunately, due to the social stigma and media hysteria surrounding testosterone, and anabolic steroids in general, many physicians are reluctant to even discuss this subject with their male patients.

With limited options, and not knowing where to turn, many men simply suffer in silence as their health declines. The good news is that there are a growing number of health care providers who are shifting their practice away from sick care and directing it towards wellness management, using tools such as bioidentical replacement hormone therapy. However, even with the power of internet search engines at our disposal, it can still be difficult finding those progressive doctors who are willing to prescribe testosterone to aging male patients.

So here are my top tips for finding a good TRT doctor in your local area.

Tips for Finding a Good Testosterone Doctor

Tip number one

It is to contact local compounding pharmacies. Throughout the 19th century, the majority of medications were the result of compounding by a local pharmacist, which is a precise process of mixing, combining, and altering ingredients to create a medication tailor-made for the individual needs of a patient.

Today, most medications are produced by giant pharmaceutical companies and sold through a network of corporate pharmacy chains. Very few independent pharmacists still practice the art and science of compounding medications. But they do exist, and if you can locate a pharmacy in your area that offers compounding, they should be able to provide you with a list of local integrative medicine doctors who practice bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Tip number two

It is to check online bodybuilding and men's health forums. Many of the largest online bodybuilding forums have sections on men's health over 40, with a focus on testosterone replacement therapy. There you can find posts with TRT doctors contact information, as well as doctor reviews and pricing for medical services. One of the best online forums to source this information is excelmale.com. There you'll find excellent resources for men's health, fitness, nutrition, and hormone replacement therapy.

Tip number three

It is the Life Extension directory of innovative anti-aging doctors. This online directory functions as a search engine, providing worldwide listings of medical professionals who practice anti-aging and integrative medicine using hormones, dietary supplements, and nutritional interventions. Simply select your country, state or province, and a listing of health care practitioners will be displayed with their full contact information. And I'll leave a link to the Life Extension online directory in the description box below.

Tip number four

It is naturopaths and nurse practitioners. To reduce the burden on health care systems, several states in the United States allow certified naturopaths and nurse practitioners to prescribe bioidentical hormones to patients as part of an integrative wellness program. This is my favorite resource for men in accessing affordable TRT, and it's what I use for my own personal protocol.


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