The Best Illustrated Testosterone Book Available for Download

Nelson Vergel, a well-known author of men’s health and hormone books, has published his fourth testosterone book, Beyond Testosterone.

Nelson Vergel holds a chemical engineering degree and an MBA. After a HIV diagnosis over 33 years ago, he explored therapies to reverse wasting syndrome to save his life and those of his peers, leading him to co-author “Built to Survive: The Clinical Use of Anabolic Steroids for HIV+ Men and Women”,” a book that became the leading wasting treatment guide in the HIV field. He has been a member of several NIH and pharmaceutical advisory groups, and FDA review panels. Nelson also founded the Body Positive Wellness Clinic and Program for Wellness Restoration in Houston, providing health education and services to HIV+ people. To expand help to the general population, he wrote “Testosterone: A Man’s Guide” and created and to provide men’s health education and access to affordable blood testing. His latest project aims to improve access to testosterone and hormone replacement treatments around the world by providing the largest physician directory in the world.

This illustrated book covers all aspects of testosterone replacement therapy, including the basics of testosterone, testosterone in women, and how to increase testosterone levels naturally. It also covers the diagnosis of low testosterone and the different treatment options available by prescription in the United States and around the world.

Moreover, "Beyond Testosterone" goes in-depth on the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, side-effect management, and the effects of testosterone on the prostate and cardiovascular system. The book also reviews the uses of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and discusses whether estradiol is an enemy or a friend of men. It covers the use of anastrozole and how to prevent and treat gynecomastia, acne, hair loss, water retention, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. It also explores the clinical use of FDA-approved anabolic steroids for different conditions, like wasting and other diseases.

Furthermore, "Beyond Testosterone" provides information on fertility and HPTA recovery after anabolic steroid use or after stopping testosterone treatment. It also covers growth hormone-releasing hormones, DHEA supplementation, thyroid dysfunction diagnosis and treatments, and maintaining good mental health. Additionally, it provides tips on nutrition for muscle gain and fat loss, exercise, and how to monitor TRT lab tests. Lastly, the book includes a section on slack testosterone in Spanish, interviews with different experts, and resources.

This book is an excellent resource for men who are considering testosterone replacement therapy or are already on TRT. It is a comprehensive guide that provides information on all aspects of TRT, from diagnosis to treatment to recovery. With "Beyond Testosterone," men can have a better understanding of their options and make informed decisions about their health. So, go ahead and download "Beyond Testosterone: The Best from" for free on

Beyond Testosterone: Book Contents

In this 386 page illustrated Beyond Testosterone book, you will learn key information about:

  1. Testosterone Basics & Questions
  2. Testosterone Side Effect Management
  3. Clomid for PCT, fertility or low T
  4. When Testosterone Is Not Enough
  5. Blood Test Discussion
  6. Important Testosterone Blood Test Articles
  7. Testosterone and Men’s Health Articles
  8. Prostate Related Issues
  9. Resources and Suppliers
  10. Questions for Specific Doctors & Experts
  11. Expert Interviews
  12. General Health & Fitness
  13. Workouts & Routines
  14. Health & Wellness
  15. Nutrition and Supplements
  16. Mental Health
  17. Thyroid, Cortisol, DHEA, Prolactin, and others.
  18. General GH Peptide Use & Information
  19. Clinical Use of Anabolics and Hormones
  20. HRT in Women
  21. Información de Testosterona
  22. Doctor and Clinic Reviews
  23. Compounding Pharmacy Product Reviews
  24. Supplement Reviews
  25. Blood Testing Company Reviews
  26. Book Reviews
  27. Gadget and App Reviews
  28. Other Men’s Health Product or Company Reviews

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